The University of Primorska is offering free courses of Slovene to its students and staff from level A1 (absolute beginner) to B1 (intermediate). 


Who is it for?

All students enrolled in Slovene study programmes and all scholarship holders have to pass A2 Slovene proficiency exam before their enrollment into the 2nd year. 

All others are strongly encouraged to learn the language of the environment they live in. 


How does it work? 

You are divided into smaller groups with students who have a similar background and therefore similar starting point in the language. There are a 6 groups: 

  • 2 groups of students from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro - start with A2 class and continue to B1; 
  • 1 group of students from other Slavic speaking countries - start with A1 advance class and continue to A2;
  • 1 group of students from non-Slavic speaking countries - start with A1 absolute beginner class and continue to A2;
  • 1 group of mobile students - have an A1 absolute beginner class with emphasis on culture and life in Slovenia;
  • 1 group of staff - level depends on the group needs.


UP  takes necessary measures to enable your participation in language courses and we try to reserve your time for language learning free in the schedules. 


Where is it implemented? 

All language courses are implemented by the University of Primorska Faculty of Humanities at their premises. 


Schedule 2019/2020


  • A2 courses: Each Tuesday and Friday 8 am - 9.30 am (both groups in parallel);
  • A1 advance course: Each Wednesday 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm;
  • A1 absolute beginner course: Each Monday 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm;
  • A1 exchange course: Each Wednesday 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm.


  • A2 courses: Each Monday 4.30 pm - 7.45 pm
  • A2 advance course: Each Wednesday 4.30 pm - 7.45 pm
  • B1 courses (continuing from A2): Each Wednesday 4 pm - 7.15 pm
  • A1 exchange course: Each Wednesday 4 pm - 7.15 pm

More information about the schedule on THIS LINK.