Tuition fees at UP FAMNIT:



Tuition is free for students from: 

  • Slovenia;
  • European Union; 
  • European Economic Area; 
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo.

Tuition fees for all other students: 

 Bachelor studies  EUR 3,150 / academic year
 Master studies  EUR 3,255 / academic year
 Doctoral studies  EUR 5,100 / academic year


    Enrollment fees

    Besides tuition, students also pay once a year an enrollment fee in line with the following price list: 

     1st enrollment  EUR 37.11
     Successive enrollments  EUR 36.19 / academic year
     Enrollment in Lifelong Learning Programme  EUR 15.69


    Other charges

    All other charges can be observed in the faculty price-list