Slovenia ranks the countries / regions in three categories, depending on the number of confirmed SARS-CoV-2019 cases in the countryin the last two weeks:  

  • RED: 40 cases and more / 100,000 inhabitants;
  • YELLOW: countries, which are neither red neither yellow;  
  • GREEN: 10 cases or less / 100,000 inhabitants. 

Everyone arriving from a red country / region, has to spend ten days in a quarantine upon arrival. You receive the equarantine decision on the border crossing, where you also need to state the address, where you will be staying during the quarantine. 

Quarantine is obligatory also for people from yellow countries / region, however students are an exception in this case, if they can prove, that they are coming to Slovenia for studies purposes. 

For people from green countries / regions, there are no limitations for entering Slovenia. . 

The list of countries is updated regularly and is published on the website of the Slovenian government. 



We ask all our students to plan their arrival to Slovenia on time and in a way that they finish quarantine before the start of the academic year on 1 October 2020.  

We recommend foreign students to arrive to Slovenia on 14 September the latest and finish their quarantine by 27 September. After the end of the quarantine, we will organise orientation days for foreign students between 28 and 30 September. 

If you need support of the university for arranging a quarantine, please let us know. The University of Primorska is entering into agreement with local accommodation providers for student quarantine. We expect that it will cost you up to 30 EUR a day. 




Student residences of the University of Primorska offered assistance for the organisation of the quarantine after student's arrival to Slovenia. Purposely rented facilities in the area will be dedicated to this purpose.

At the premises we will arrange quarantine zones, where we will strictly follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health for residences (in Slovene).

Students, who will decide to spend the quarantine at our facilities will be required to stay in their rooms / zones for the whole 10 days of quarantine! If you will break this basic rule, you will be immediately reported to the health inspection (fine is 400 EUR) and expelled from the residences. We will send the list of all quarantine inhabitants with the address and room number to the health inspectorate. They will have a chance to check the quarantine implementation.

Quarantine will be implemented from 13 September (after 3 pm) until 28 September. Other arrangements outside this period are not possible!

During the quarantine, students will be able to attend Slovene language course (via video-conferencing), which will be running twice a day (in the morning and afternoon). The university will also offer other on-line activities during the quarantine. All quarantine zones will have an internet WiFi connection.