Top 25 performer for international orientation of degree programmes (Multirank, 2019).

One third of our students and one quarter of our staff come from abroad.

We welcome over 100 visiting professors and researchers each year.

We organise numerous renowned scientific events each year.

We work with over 150 universities worldwide, of which majority rank among the best in the world. 





Top three research groups in the field of algebraic graph theory in the world and the leading research group in Europe.

Coordinators of the largest research project in Slovenia - Centre of Excellence InnoRenew

The main organisers of the largest scientific event in Slovenia - European Congress of Mathematics in 2020.

Half of all of our funding is obtained through competitive research funded projects. 

Publishers of the finest Slovenian scientific journal, the Ars Mathematica Contemporanea (AMC).

We strongly encourage all our students in all cycles to participate at scientific work with our teachers and researchers. 





Our graduates continue their studies or carriers on some of the best institutes in the world, which include London School of Economics, University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University, Technical University Munich, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, University Amsterdam, University Pairs Diderot - Paris 7, University of Birmingham, VU University Amsterdam, University of Bonn, and many others. 

Our students highly value a personal approach and our surveys show their high satisfaction with student-teacher relationship

All our staff are also researchers in their respective fields, always on top of latest scientific discoveries and in certain disciplines also the creators of the worldwide trends. 

With international involvement we keep our education and work relevant for today's fast changing world.

Our teachers and researchers spent time abroad at some of the most renowned institutes, on their PhD studies, post-doctoral positions or sabbaticals. 





Study programmes developed in cooperation with future employers and with worldly trends in mind. 

The only Slovene university offering scholarships, of which some are offered by companies in the area. 

Cooperation in numerous student projects, where students solve industry problems under mentors from companies and the faculty.